E is for…. gorgeous!

so, this past summer, in an odd twist of something (fate?  coincidence?), both sets of grandparents were in Italy at the same time.  I think there may have been a few phone calls between them but they sadly never managed to meet up.  Probably too busy shopping for granddaughters 🙂

Em’s favorite present from Italy is a little Pinocchio toy that hangs from a light switch that we never use.  You pull the string and the arms move up and down.  She thinks it is so funny!  MY favorite of her Italian gifts is a GORGEOUS lace E from my mother in law.

This is how we got it.  It looks great and sits on one of the edges in our green house window.  I have no idea how that became its home, but that is where it has sat…

But I was in Michael’s* the other day and I saw this frame

As soon as I saw it, I knew I had to have it and that it would house the E.  I mean how perfect is that?  and the pink paper next to it – the background to be.

And now…

WOW, right?   I love it!!

Em and I talked it over and decided it should go with her other E.

And now I present, Em’s name/initial wall (yes, now the name looks crooked, I will get on that eventually)

I love the way it looks up there, and I love that it hangs from a ribbon.

So, D (not husband, mother in law D), thank you again for the gorgeous E.   She might prefer Pinocchio now, but I know Em will treasure this E always.

*After how many trips to Good Will, the habitat Restore and the Salvation Army store, trying to fine a really cool frame to upcycle, I ended up buying it after all.  I call that irony. 


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