Shawshank – The Child Version*

* Introducing Guest Blogger D – AKA Emily’s Daddy who graciously allowed me to share with you an email he recently sent to some friends.  I think you will all agree it is a more than relevant addition to Em’s “baby book” blog.

It’s been 2 and half years and you have gotten very limited stories of the child S——. However, after last week, I must share something as it brought me some paternal pride. Please take a look at the below. It’s an email from daycare to the parents. The child being referred to is my own little escape artist. I must ask you gentlemen one favor – no teaching her to hotwire a car til she’s at least 6.

Dear XXXXXX Parents,

Please note that we will be removing the half-door that is currently located at the interior entrance to XXXXXX over this coming weekend. In addition, we will be requiring that the full sized door to the room be closed at all times when children are present. We are making this change as after 15 years of total security one of our independent little toddlers found a way to open the half-door on his/her own. (If you did not receive a phone call about this incident, it was not your child) As a result, we are taking this action to ensure it never happens again!

Please assist us with this change by being diligent about closing the door when you enter and exit the classroom.

Thank you.


and the best response he got (and he got a lot of fabulous responses!)


 So beautiful.  I hope you continue to foster her talents and be supportive of the path she was born to live.  She has that wicked combo of your cunning and the innocence of Beth.  She is going to break hearts and steal their wallets while she is at it. Going to win the nobel prize for sociology, then use it to control all the guys around her.  Pure evil in such a sweet way.

I am looking forward in watch her career progress.


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