Catching up on pictures

I am so far behind on my visual documentation of Em’s life!

Remember the chair painting frenzy I had?  The chairs fit fabulously in our “stone room” (we need to name our rooms.. it is not the dining room  – that is where we run laps, it is the room with the stone wall where we have our dining table.)  They are comfortable and look great and we only have 2.  Which is fine.  Except Em loves them too.  Unfortunately she is still kind of short for them, but growing.

We have also had more crafty moments around here.

Em picked out this fish decal for her jeans.  Why wear plain, boring jeans, when you can have a fun decal on them?  Last year it was the “bee jeans”.  Her Halloween costume was a bee vest and I put bee decals on her jeans – she loved them (I meanwhile broke a needle in the process…).  The fish jeans are already a big hit.

And Em and I picked out some bigger pictures to add to her art gallery and I love the way it came out.

This is Em’s first day wearing the fish jeans and she was thrilled to show them off

The mornings are getting cooler and you can tell that fall air is thinking about coming in.  I love fall air – how crisp and clear and fresh it is and I can’t wait to take our annual pumpkin patch trip and go apple picking.   Em is loving wearing her favorite sweater in the morning, so I think she is enjoying the fall-ish air too.

The other morning she showed baby the loose rock on the stone wall

Then they sat on the wall together to cuddle and talk about their day.

That morning at school Em was so excited to show me the giant basketball they use to “make rain” (the teacher throws it up into the trees and any rain drops up there fall down like rain, a pretty good idea if you ask me)

Moving on to the weekend (wow, I had a LOT to catch up on!).  Em likes to walk funny and call out “Look at me!”.  Saturday morning I went outside and she and daddy were both doing funny “Look at me” walks.

Look at them!

Still gorgeous even after a funny walk

But Sunday mid morning was my favorite.  D pulled 3 chairs (2 big, 1 small), and Em’s little table out and we all sat in the shade of a big tree and enjoyed a mid morning snack and Em and I went nutty over hummus.  I love when we spend mornings like that.    After our snack Em had so much fun racing back and forth between us and the other side of the yard.

OK, I am totally dating myself here, but remember the opening sequence of Little House on the Prairie?  When Lindsey Sage Greenbush (Carrie) would come running down the hilly meadow and fall on her face?  Em didn’t fall, but this picture really reminds me of that sequence.

Oh but I am not done yet!

That Sunday was the first Sunday of football season and Em really got into it!

How awesome is she?  She got the part where you throw your arms up in the air, but she also knows “down”


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