Fish and Sweet Potato

I had a whole post ready to go on Em and football but that has to wait.  Because Emily, my little baby girl, the most head strong, stubborn, anti-vegetable but wille at anything else onthe planet kid, suddenly adores sweet potato!

her dinner tonight was amazing and the best part, she helped cook it.

The fish – I went with a snapper just to try something new.  My fish guy talked me through it since I have never cooked snapper before.   FYI, it is not a flaky fish and I generally cook a lot of flaky fish.  This one has more of a meaty texture.  We put it in a pan with chicken stock (I don’t keep fish stock on hand), to keep it moist.  Then Em and I zested some lemon on top of the fish and put a slice of lemon.  We went out front and picked some parsley and she decided to place them on the fish whole.

The sweet potato – I had no idea she would love it as much as she did!  I mean she is famous for NOT eating veggies, and yes, I still stir baby food veggies into her food.  Anyway, I cut 2 pieces off a sweet potato and topped it with some olive oil, salt and pepper.  Wrapped it up in foil and threw it in the oven with the fish.  So good!  I have never made potatoes that way l but given Em new love of them, i will more often!  I think tomorrow, with the rest of the potato, I will top it with cinnamon and nutmeg.  Em loved zesting the lemon, I am sure she will have fun with a cinnamon stick.

I know I need to get a picture post up but things have been crazy at work, I will get to it, along with an awesome video of Em playing football and calling out “touchdown”!

And for fun…

Em one year ago – 9/12/2010

Em two years ago – 9/13/2009





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