Try mommy, just try

My little manipulator!  She is insanely smart, and it is almost scary.

Today I picked Em up from school just in time for a diaper change and she requested that I do it.  I told her she had 2 choices.  I do it on the table or her teacher does it standing up.  I CANNOT do it standing up.  I have tried (and once in a parking lot I had no choice) but I get a much better fit with her laying down.  She said she wanted me to do it standing up.  I told her I could only do it laying down.

Em’s reply?

“Try mommy, just try.  Try Mommy, you have to just try”

oh yeah, resist that!

I did it and got a semi decent fit.  Then I picked her up and said, “Don’t tell Miss C—“, and put her on the table to get a better fit.

And what did Em do?

She called out, “Miss C—- Mommy put me on the table!”

She cracks me up and freaks me out!  This kid is too much!


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