Labor Day and Random Stuff

First the random stuff…

The blue directors chair looks MUCH better in the basement than in the stone room.

The green paint Em picked out looks better on the director’s chair than the blue does.  (and yes i still need to take a pic of it…)

Side by side they both work.

The other day I made the best pizza ever!  And we made it in the oven instead of the grill.

Pizza dough, topped with fresh garlic in oil, the cheese, roasted purple potatoes, and fresh rosemary and parsley from our teacup garden.  It was FABULOUS!  Plus, how cool is it that purple potatoes are easier to find in the grocery store now?

But anyway…  This year we had our second annual Labor Day party.  And just like last year, in an effort to preserve tradition, Em slept through the first hour.  Last year in her crib, this year in the car.  On the way home from a birthday party that had to be rescheduled due to the hurricane.  But at least she was able to put in an appearance there…

That morning Em was adamant about wearing a dress, and even more adamant about wearing one specific dress.  The one that is too short.  I got some fabric to lengthen it but never got around to it.  Until she pushed my hand.  It went well, we got the sewing machine out and set up and I went to town, with only a few minor issues – like my bobbin running out of thread with 2 inches to go, like the needle not threading right after I rethreaded up the bobbin, and like the bobbin thread not coming back up right.  Why do these things always happen when I have no time and need to sew immediately?  But it all ended well and Em was gracious enough to pose for the required posterity shots.

See that blue fabric on the bottom?  I added it and I think I did pretty well.  Originally it was just below her knees but it was too long, so I had to go back and shorten it (and deal with the bobbin/rethreading/etc annoyances).  Em was so funny – she kept saying, “Good job mommy” and telling everyone that mommy made her dress.  And the blue works perfectly so everyone is happy.

And the party was fun!  I didn’t take too many shots, but here is one of some of the many kiddos(and a few parents) enjoying the water table.

Most of the pictures I took during the party were of Em… (surprise surprise)

Ok I know the lighting is off but still, check out her eyes in that second shot!  Yes, I am biased, but that is one gorgeous kid!

After the party we played on the driveway a bit

Oh come on, I am pulling out my hair here, put the camera away already!

Fine, one last shot of my smile and wet hair and then put the camera away!

The next morning (today), we gave Em the “My Little Pony” from one of our friends.  It was a huge hit and is in bed with her as we speak.  She brought that pony everywhere today and it has the most combed hair of any pony on earth!


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