Painting Chairs

Town Fair Tire is not the only toddler mecca around here!  Please bow to the genius of Home Depot!

D and I have been on the hunt for used chairs for our dining table for a while now.  And last weekend, right before Irene came to town, we scored!  On our way home we saw signs for a moving sale and look what we found there!

Check out these beautiful chairs (they had, and we bought 2)!  I love the lines, the height and the fact that they have no arms, so they will tuck under our table nicely.

But I did not love the color.  I debated and debated.  We have bright colored place mats and a bright colored rug jut inside that door, so I thought it might be fun to pick up on those colors.  I debated painting one chair a bright turquoise and one a bright red.  But instead I went with black.


How gorgeous is that black with that stone wall and the table?  I love it!  (and the table has a black apron and black legs, so it really works).

But the real fun was picking out paint colors in Home Depot with Emily.  I really went to HD not knowing if I wanted a bright color or black and Em and I debated for quite a while.  I finally decided on black semi gloss and she decided on pink.  And insisted on pink.  and drew quite the crowd of onlookers trying to convince me to go with pink.

We did not go with pink, but we did go with apple green.

Because we also have these chairs, which I have had forever!  probably 10 years of so at least…

So Em and I decided to pain them as well.

One will (eventually) be the apple green and the other is a blue.

I am not sure I love it the way I love the black chairs, but these will be in the basement playroom.  I want a lot of color down there, and this is one way to get it!  It should be a lot of fun for Em.  I am envisioning a blackboard wall (but not black), these fun colors chairs, lots of bright pillows…  A great, colorful, fun, girl hangout that is not totally saturated in pink.  Against the stone wall, the blue is not good and I almost regret it.  But once I swap out the fabric for something fun and crazy and put it in the basement I think it will work much better.

One more dining chair to paint and one more directors chair to paint.  The grass near our side woods looks odd 🙂


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