A good deal

We are dealing with a massive amount of separation anxiety/AKA mommy worshiping in our world.  I don’t blame Em for worshiping me (I mean really 🙂 ), but it does make it rather difficult to go to work, the bathroom*, etc…

Yesterday was my first day of school and Em’s day care is still closed due to the lack of power (thank you so much hurricane Irene!).  My fabulous mother in law came to the rescue and offered to play with Em.  Em totally got it.  She would play there while I worked.  Until I went to leave for work and she melted down.  She pulled out some of my favorites, “mommy one more minute” and “mommy don’t go anywhere”.  I had to leave her crying which frankly meant my day sucked.  Big time.  And Em of course had a fabulous day.  So I went to work.  Over a nice dinner outside (always a favorite treat), Em and I talked about mommy working and Emmy playing with grandma.  And fingers crossed, she got it.

I told her that mommy will always come back no matter what.

She thought for a minute and said, “mommy, always come back, right?”.

I said yes, mommy will always come back.

She thought for another minute and said, “That’s a good deal”.

This kid is the best!

* yeah, we have not tackled this one successfully yet.  The good news is I never have to flush for myself.  Sigh…  I can’t wait to see Em’s face years from now when she reads about her insistence on accompanying me everywhere, even to the bathroom….


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