And this was all ONE day!

And what a day it was.

But first let me show you a picture from last night.  Em has 2 baby doll strollers.  They are for baby dolls.  Small baby dolls. And other friends like bears, dinosaurs, keys, balls, water bottles, etc…  She was playing very happily with a big bag, putting things in it, taking them out, and narrating it all to baby.  Then it got quiet.  I turned around from making her dinner and I saw this…

Yeah…  Don’t even ask me how that one happened because it was not easy to undo.

Moving on to today.  Ug, I am so ready for today to be over.  Bring on Hurricane Irene because I am (not even close to being) ready.

Em got up at 5am sharp, and 1am and I think maybe one more time.  She did not have a good night.  At 5am D went to get her and she totally melted down.  “NOOOOO I want MOMMMYYYYYYY”.  And that pretty much sums up the entire day too.  He brought her (screaming) into our bed and she happily cuddled with me, her head on my chest for about 10 minutes and then declared it was time to wake up and let’s go downstairs.  Shortly after that we gave up and she won.  I am so tired.

D had a 7:30 appointment and Em and I dropped him off and went to hunt down D batteries – no luck.  We did get the stamps I desperately needed though.  After we picked D back up, we went out to Home Depot to see if they had any D’s.  And D (not the battery, the guy) got creative.  He decided to run into Home Depot like a craxy man and scream “SNOWBLOWER!  I NEED A SNOWBLOWER!!”.  He (sadly) didn’t actually do it though.  Em did enjoy yelling “Snowblower” periodically for the rest of the day.

By the way, Home Depot had no D batteries.  And he did not look for snowblowers.

Next stop – a moving sale where we scored 2 dining chairs, a set of WOODEN!!! Lincoln Logs, and a US map puzzle.  I love the chairs and plan to paint them in bright colors.  Right now I am thinking of doing one red and one turquoise.  The wood floors are dark, the table is dark, the walls are olive, so bright colors would be so much fun.

But I digress.  Next stop – music class.  But the parking lot was empty and the building was dark.  Ok, turns out music class was not meeting this week.

Heading back home I started hearing a weird flapping noise outside the car.  And the low tire pressure light came on.  We got home and I pulled to the far side of the driveway so d could get out and grab the paper and that is when he saw it.  The front right tire.  Totally flat.  Beyond flat.  Deader than a pancake flat.    (are pancakes dead?  Whatever, it was flat).   I got on the phone and called the dealer, and every tire place around but no one had our tire, even though everyone would be able to get it by Tuesday.  AAA was kind enough to put on the (flat until he added air) donut. We fed Em lunch and headed out to Town Fair Tire where they were able to repair the tire.  After 45 minutes.

it is a terrible picture but Town Fair Tire is the BEST place to bring a 2 year old.  She was running up and town the rows of tired and climbing in and out and putting her bear in tires and loved it!  Up to 5 lucky people will be invited to Em’s fabulous 3rd birthday party at Town Fair Tire.

At this point it was 1:00.  We went home and Em and Darren napped.

After Em’s 3:00 snack…

We hung pictures upstairs.  I finally hung her E.

I love the way it looks!

Then we played and D decided that we needed Chinese/Japanese take out for dinner.  Now, I love sushi and D does not.  That works for me.  That means I never have to share.  Actually it means I never HAD to share before.

Em started off great and ate a ton of chicken lo mein.  Then she turned to my plate.

Turns out she loves sushi, or rather, sashimi, since that is what I had.  She loved the fluke (my favorite), the salmon (YUM) and two more that I liked a lot but cannot identify.  Snapper maybe?  I am not sure. She was not wild about the tuna.  After eating about 3 pieces of sashimi or so, she polished off the rest of the goat cheese.  And licked the container clean

After a shower (YAY Em showers now!!), we watched the rain for a bit

Favorite pajamas do not need to match…

and singing rain songs at the top of our lungs (oh Em if only you really had that much power…)

After stories and a hair dryer, Em went to sleep, leaving me baffled that this as all ONE day.

Hurricane Irene is tomorrow, cross your fingers for us!


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