Getting Crafty

So many projects going on here, well, really, so many projects DONE here!

1.  Homemade Fruit Roll-ups!  Remember I made those before our trip to Colorado?  Well, they were a HUGE hit!  They are ridiculously simple.  I blend fruit with a touch of honey and then just bake it on PARCHMENT paper.  PARCHMENT!  NOT WAX.  Because the first batch on wax paper was a disaster.  Use parchment paper – trust me.

The first batch I made was strawberry – definitely Em’s favorite.  I gave her some the morning we left for Colorado to test them out before bringing them.


The second batch was blueberry with the leftover strawberries thrown in.  Those I made thicker and cut with a pizza cutter.  Those seemed easier to eat, but the strawberry went much faster!

2.  E is for everything I love about Emily

Well, not, really.  I made this when Em was a tiny baby and just framed it recently.  I picked it up yesterday and when my framer brought it out, I honestly cried a little.

In this picture it is still wrapped in plastic and there it will stay until I hang it.

I also picked this up from the framer and love it!

3.  Eye charts

Look what I made this morning!

I found the frame at Micheal’s (I love how their frames are always on huge sales! I really wanted to up-cycle a frame from Good Will but my Good Will never EVER has any good frames 😦  ).  The mat was covered in spray adhesive (love that stuff) and then 2 pieces of scrapbook paper.  Yeah, you can see the seam where they meet, but so what?  I love the way it came out!  Our last name and D’s first name are blocked out for privacy.  Have I ever posted his full name?  regardless, I blocked it out.  The eye chart says “The S—- House D—– Beth Emily and yep, I made it myself!  It is hanging in the room we call the “stone room” because it has a wood stove set into a stone wall.  When you walk in the second front door (side door?) you see it and I think it looks great.

4.  Carrot Zucchini Muffins

Em and her grandma made this last night.  I love these and whew, so does Emily!  I take a box of Jiffy corn muffin mix, add a little extra milk (I forgot to let grandma know about this but they still came out good), and grated zucchini and carrots.  They are moist and yummy and Em eats them!  A fun way to get veggies into her 🙂  I need to photograph these, but I keep eating them instead 🙂


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