Princesses and Elephants and Dogs and Swimming

We are back from Colorado and that title pretty much sums up our trip.  There was a Princess, elephants, dogs and swimming.  Plus airplanes, trains, friends, food, running, chasing, laughing, and picnics.  And gorgeous views!  This was a really unique trip for D and I in that it was the second time we went to the same place on vacation.  We have done San Francisco twice, both for conferences, so not our choice.

Em did great on the airplanes!  The first flight she played, and read, and drew, and watched some Elmo videos, and really had a great time.  Unfortunately, our flight that took off late, landed late.  Em was great through the high speed race through the ENORMOUS Detroit airport and was a trooper through us watching them close the doors and our flight leaving without us.  But that was really the only issue with our trip, thank goodness!

But through it all, Em had a blast.

Hey mom and dad, cheer up, the Detroit airport rocks!

This was taken while D was fighting with Delta customer service after we found out that even though it was THEIR fault we took off and landed late and subsequently missed our flight, we were on standby with no guarantee of getting to Colorado.  But I digress.  Go back to the cutie jumping up and down!  (by the way, we did get on the flight and miraculously got 3 seats together and Em was asleep on my chest before we even got to the jet way – shhh, don’t tell the FA that she was not in her seat!)

Colorado Day 1 – Tiny Town, the town of Golden, the Red Rocks Amphitheater

Tiny Town is exactly that –  a tiny, kid size town.  Em kept knocking on all the doors, but none of the dolls/figures inside opened up 😦

Red Rocks was AMAZING!

Colorado Day 2 – Swimming, The Botanical Gardens, Garden of the Gods

We started with a trip to the pool – we swam every morning and Em LOVED it!  Note to self, find lots of friends with pools 🙂  She was “jumping” in to the pool in my arms, and walked down all the steps by herself, holding the “stairling” of course

The Botanical Gardens was also really cool and Em had a great time exploring all the different paths

And there is nothing better than a coy pond when you are 2

Except playing with daddy of course

But the best part of the trip, in my opinion, was the Garden of the Gods.  We stopped at Jimmy Johns to grab some sandwiches for a picnic.  Seriously, if you are ever in the Colorado area, go there!  It was awesome!  I had a fabulous turkey, lettuce, tomato, sprout sandwich with avocado spread.  Now to be honest, I am not sure if it was the company, the scenery, the light breeze, the sandwich, or all of the above, but that picnic rocked!

At Garden of the Gods we met up with one of D’s co-workers and his family.  Their little girl S is only a few weeks younger than Em and the two of them were inseparable for the rest of the trip.  It didn’t hurt that S showed up with lollipops – one for her and one for Em.

Mommy look!  I have a lollipop!

Colorado Day 3 – The Zoo

After another swim, we hit the zoo bright and early.  I have always had mixed feelings about zoos.  I mean it is cool to see so many animals up close (and in Denver, you get really close to the animals!), but it still sucks to see the animals in pens/cages/etc.  Then again, I prefer the leopards, tigers and bears to be kept away from me!  Denver does a great job of creating “natural habitat” like areas though.  I won’t bore you with the pictures of the animals (we are trying to make our own “Brown Bear” picture book), but here is Em enjoying the zoo.

After the zoo Em and I were so done.  I know that Colorado is a dry heat but come on!  It hit 100 degrees and I don’t care if it is dry or humid – 100 degrees is HOT!

Colorado Day 4 – The Wedding, or in Em’s world, The Princess got Married!

I bought this dress (size 18 months and fits Em pretty well) at a tag sale 2 years ago!  I loved (still do) it and just prayed that someday she could wear it.  I was so happy that day finally came, but not nearly as happy as she was when she saw it!


And of course, Em and S had a blast playing on the softest, greenest grass I have ever seen.

The next day was a bbq at the Princess’s parents house and let me tell you that Em was in heaven!  A Princess and FOUR dogs!  She was so happy (as long as she was safe in my arms if a dog got too close or too happy….).  And then Sunday we flew home.

Oh and my homemade fruit roll ups were a HUGE hit on this trip.  They travel so well and are nutritious and Em seemed to really enjoy them.  Score!


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