Relinquishing Control (yeah right)

So we are painting our house!

Want to vote on the paint colors?  (D and I have already chosen our favorite, but we figured it would be fun to let people vote and see who is right 🙂  You will find out who is right when the house is painted!)

Our house now:

Here are all three options (with my sadly trimmed back hydrangeas, sad… I love them and cannot wait for the painting to be done and the hydrangeas to grow back out!)

All of these colors are from the Benjamin Moore American Colors collection

Color #1 – Harbor Grey

Color #2 – Nantucket Fog

Color #3 – James River Gray (with a wet spot 🙂 )

All three would drastically change the house!  Regardless of the color, the trim will stay white and the doors will stay black.

So, what do you like???


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