Pure Emily

There is really no other title for this post.  All of these pictures are pure Emily.

Emily playing in the sandbox at school (how funny is that hat?)

And then playing at home, these are just SO Emily!

(the lighting in both of these is simply terrible but I still love them – they are both SO Em!)


And LOOK!  Em found a big stick!

Now, if you have been following Em closely over the last 2 and a half years, you know her likes and dislikes.  You know how much she loves fish (both watching and eating) and animals (mostly watching).  So we are pretty sure she will either be a marine biologist or a vet.  But the other day Em developed a new passion – photography!

And so, I give you a VERY VERY VERY small sampling of her first photo shoot.

Check out the focus here – crisp, clear, perfect, but an odd angle – our driveway is actually flat.

And one of the tallest trees in our side woods, with a gorgeous blue sky

Back on the ground, check it out!  She focused on the grass and let the background blur!

And some awesome examples of Em’s more modern approach to photography

Now call me crazy but the first and third ones would be cool framed!

And now, if you have 4 or 5 minutes to spare, and want to see what our mornings are often like, here is a nice long “day in the life” Emily video.  No, Em is not that red in real life.  I have the hardest time shooting with these deep wood floors.  I have been studying and practicing but I am still struggling with lighting on pictures IN the house.  Any tips are SO VERY welcome!

And on an unrelated note, I have, in the over right this minute, homemade strawberry/blackberry fruit roll-ups!  Remember those?  Remember how awesome they were?  Well, without even bothering to look at the ingredients, I can tell you that is not something Emily will be eating any time soon (or ever)!  If this homemade variety really works, stay tuned for the directions – it was BEYOND easy!


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