Like mother like daughter

Periodically Em will do something that is pure me and just blow me away!

Tonight’s example…

D and I were with her in her bedroom, picking out bedtime stories.  Right now Em is obsessed with Curious George and the Bunny and we read it over and over and over…. and over…  I don’t want to ruin it for anyone, but don’t worry, in the end all the bunnies are safe and sound in their bunny house.

This afternoon we were at our neighbors for a swim and bbq and by the time we got home, bathed EM, dried her hair, etc, it was already past bedtime.  and Em knows when it is past her bedtime.  And capitalizes on it.  Tonight she put “Baby” in the doll crib next to her bed, said “love you”, went to the door way, blew a kiss and left the room.


Em’s bedtime routine:

Read stories

Rock together and talk about our day

Big huggie, little huggie, kiss, call each other best buddies

Em goes in her bed and I tuck her in

Another huggie and kiss

I say, Love you lots and lots and leave

When I get to the door, I turn and blow a kiss

Now to be fair, Em did miss a few steps, but she got the jist of the bedtime routine.

She never fails to amaze me!

And she never fails to amaze me in other ways too:

Playing outside

Sitting on the front step by the herb garden.  Here Em was smelling the herbs and sitting in her spot for a little talk.

and she still loves to “Mommy, back over, oven hot!”

Em is nothing if not decisive.  Once she makes a decision, like to play with the water table, she sticks by it no matter what!  Oh wait.  The other day, at her request, we filled up the water table together.  Here is the very first thing she did.

So we went to play on the swings instead…


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