Em cracks me up every day.  Like this morning.  We were playing on my (freshly made but not after we played) bed and of course I started to tickle her.  I dare anyone to not tickle that belly, knees, back, etc..  Especially because Em laughing is the best sound ever!    This morning she says to me, “No tickle mommy, I busy right now”.  I almost fell off the bed I was laughing so hard, and she took advantage of that to commander all 5 pillows on our bed!

But anyway, I have a few weeks of pictures to catch up on, so here are some of my favorites.  They are all from way back when it was safe to play outside without getting heat stroke in the first 30 seconds…

We have been to the beach a lot.  Here Em is making a birthday cake.

and then she played in the water

and on the swings, we practiced “pumping”

A few days later, we were back at the beach

and Em discovered the big slide

And a few more days later, back at the beach…

We fed the birds

And played on the play scape a lot!


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