Big Girl Independance

Emily is So proud to be a “big girl”!

She loves to go down the stairs all by herself (and no, I never breathe while she is being a big girl, especially on the hardwoods!), she really just loves to do things for herself.  yesterday after school we went to the grocery store to get her favorite perogies and black berries.  She elected to walk, holding my hand, rather than ride in the cart, because, after all, she is a big girl.  As we walked in, I snagged a basket and my big girl decided SHE would carry it.  It was the funniest thing I have ever seen.  Tiny Em walking around with this big basket, trying her best to keep it off the ground and holding my hand tight.  We started on our way and as we got closer to the freezer section, I asked her what we needed to buy and she said, “OOgies, my favorites!”.  So I got 2 boxes and put then in the basket.  Which immediately made it too heavy.  But Em is nothing if not resourceful.  She took one out, handed it to me to carry and carried her basket with one box.  Little Em traversed the entire grocery store holding her basket with one box of perogies in it while I carried the rest of the groceries myself.  After 75% of the way to the produce section, she moved the basket to the crook of her elbow and was much happier!  Once we got to produce land and the coveted blackberries, she was ready to give up the basket so she could hold fruit.

By my estimates I should be able to give her the keys and send her to the grocery store in just a few months!  Thank goodness she still also likes being my little baby girl, I am not ready to say good bye to toddler-hood altogether!


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