Our fabulous day in Em’s words

I had a post all written out in my head, but this morning Em pretty much hijacked it.

Em woke up (as usual) bright and early and came into our bed this morning.  She lay quietly for a bit and then started to sum up her day yesterday.

“I went on a boat”

“Eat yogurt, and bears, and peas and carrots on a boat!”

“I saw doggies and baby boats and boat made bubbles”

“Boat LOUD toot toot”

“mommy, ice cream!” (we shared ice cream for dessert)

Em LOVED the boat!


She loved seeing other boats, the water and especially the bubbles in the wake.

She also loved Port Jefferson.  We went to the farmers market where she actually tried (and did NOT spit out) some goat cheese (that was So incredibly good!  Kudos to the goat!).  She didn’t try the lemon cucumber but I did and bought one, it was really good too!  (mmm lemon cucumber with goat cheese would rock!).  We walked around the town a bit, with Em stopping to “rest and a snack” on nearly every curb, bench or stone wall. (rest=photo op 🙂 ).  Em seriously ate her way through the boat, through the town, through lunch where she actually tried and ate some of my seafood bisque, through ice cream after lunch…  She just ate and ate and ate!

(Em on one of her many snack/rest breaks)

Yesterday evening D was pushing Em on her swing and I was topping the pizzas on the grill – one red sauce and fresh mozzarella (by the way, anyone who says you can cut mozzarella on a mandolin is lying!) and one olive oil with pears, brie and fresh lox.  YUM!  There was something so great about working on them at the grill while Em and D played nearby – not in the gender role type way, in the time with family type way.   But yesterday was also D and my 6th wedding anniversary (awwww….).  We have had some fabulous anniversary trips – Alaska and Australia were obviously 2 of the best.  But or little mini trip to Long Island was right up there with those 2.  It was a fabulous day.


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