The Name Game

Like most new parents, I wanted Emily’s name to be in her nursery.  And I did what tons of new mom’s do – I got creative.

This is what hung in Em’s nursery in our old condo.  I bought simple white letters from Michael’s and covered them in a pretty scrapbook paper that has stripes in shades of pink, with white and brown.  I love the way they came out.  But somehow when we moved her letters never seemed right in her new room.  I have plenty of places to put them, but they never went up.  sad.

Until now!

As of tomorrow, this will be hanging in Em’s room.

Over the past few weeks, Em has been busy painting her own name letters and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the way they came out!  I mounted them on a canvas and added the 3d butterfly stickers (because if there is a theme in her nursery, it is butterflies) and tomorrow we will hang it up.  You know, the original letters were really nice, but very nursery-ish.  These are big girl letters!


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