Another morning at the beach

Last night Em was in rare form – a nightmare!  She skipped her nap yesterday (ARG!) and instead played in her bed for over an hour.  Sigh… This happens from time to time and it makes bedtime a nightmare!  But we got through it, and Em rewarded our efforts!  She woke up around 5:15 or so, but stayed in her bed until 5:40!  That was huge!  And she woke up So happy!  Somehow we were both ready to do our day before 7am – we we took off for the beach!

Em was so excited, but it turns out,  mommy messed up…  oops!

Em ran right on to the same and said, Mommy, where are the shovels.  OOPS!  OK, note to self,  keep her beach toys in the car…  Thankfully she got over it pretty fast.

Em had a great time exploring the water

and so did her shoe

And what could be better than throwing rocks in the water?

Then we moved up to the play ground

And then the camera battery gave out  😦

We had a great time though and can;t wait to go back – this time WITH shovels!


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