The worst ever!

Poor Emily just experienced what we are pretty sure is a Night Terror.  She has had plenty of nightmares but this was her first terror and no pun intended it terrified me!  She was screaming and clinging to me but didn’t seem to know I was there.  She never interacted with me and didn’t know where she was or what was happening.  She just kept screaming and calling for me.  Finally she calmed down and D, who was on hand to bring us water (no interest) and a cold washcloth, said she was sound asleep.  I am 99% sure she never woke up, even though she did open her eyes once or twice.  Oh sweet Emmy, I hope you NEVER go through that again!


I must have checked on Em 3 or 4 times last night and every time I expected to see something exorcist like but each time she was laying there sleeping peacefully.  She looked happy, content, nothing like the little girl who was screaming in my arms.  And she woke up (5:00) but fairly happy.  She said she slept well and that she had a dream about a kitty cat.  She did not seem to remember a thing.

I was telling my mother in law about it and how I THINK (self diagnosed) it was night terrors and she confirmed it.  She also confirmed that you cannot wake them up!  I was almost yelling at Em to wake up and nothing.  It still breaks my heart, but at least Em truly does not seem to remember it at all.  Meanwhile the monitor in her room is off or on the wrong channel or something and I am petrified to be out of her earshot.  I never want her to go through that again!


One more edit – just in case anyone is reading this who is dealing with night terrors, my mother in law also said to lay her on the floor.  She said with all the thrashing around, Em could hurt herself.  Since Em is such a tiny peanut I was able to hold her tight enough to prevent any of that, but it is still a good tip to keep in mind.


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