Time Out and Snow White

These days when I get home, our house looks like Snow White lives here.  The front walk is literally full of squirrels and chipmunks (chip-monkeys or sometimes chippy), and birds.  Our bird feeder has got to be the most popular place on the street!

But the squirrels have been eating the bird food.  Now Em is pretty emphatic that the birdy food is ONLY for the birds.  She will tell you that squirrels are not allowed to eat birdy food.  And every morning when D leaves for work she reminds him, “Daddy, no eating birdy food!!”.  With a huge emphasis on the word NO.  (and she is successful, D does not eat birdy food!)  But, well, there is a rogue squirrel who does.  He climbs up the glass of the window and climbs onto the bird feeder.  So after days of banging on the window to scare him (no luck), I took down the bird feeder.  Em was devastated but so were the birds.  They would fly around the window and I am pretty sure they were searching for it.

So last night Em had dinner outside.  She loves that.  Chippy (chipmunk) came by to visit and he ate about 50 feet away from her.  She loved it!  The birds did not.  They kept flying by and looking at me with this, “Where the birdy food” look.  Em did to!  She asked me where it went and I told her that he squirrels had been eating birdy food, so I had to take it down.  Emmy thought about this for a few minutes.

Em: Mommy, squirells eat birdy food?

Me: Yes honey, they did

Em: (emphatically) Squirrels, NO eating birdy food!

(and she thought for a minute)

Em: Squirrels need to do time out!

Me: Yes, Em, squirrel needs a time out.

ok, so now tell me this, how do I effectively put a squirrel in time out?


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