Sleep begets sleep, or sleep begets funny?

Last week we had some rough nights – well, rough mornings really.  The ONE night D was out of town, Em woke up at 3am and pretty much stayed up all day.  Yeah, I was uber productive that day…  The next morning – 4am.  The next though, she was back on track with her normal 5:30 wake up.  Yeah, not ideal, but it works for us.

Sunday night I had a mommy’s night out and D was in charge of dinner/bath/bed and Em went right down, without a peep (according to D) at 6:30.  And slept.  Until.  6.  AM.  6!!!   It was heaven!  But really, it was not heaven because she was sleeping, or occupied or anything, it was all because when she gets enough sleep, she wakes up SO happy!

And what do you do when you wake up that happy?  Well, you put on a hat and pour tea of course.

(I put both up because I love them both!)

Before I took her to school, we did a mini photo shoot/video shoot on the bench by the door.


(are these pictures pure Emily or what?  for that matter, these videos are pure Em too)

(this video is post-worthy first because it is too cute (I love how she interrupts herself to give me her smoothie), but also because she actually said X!  Every time Em does the alphabet, she skips X.  Double you, why and zee….  but this time, she said X!)

They say that “sleep begets sleep” and that is SO true for Em.  The more she sleeps, the more she sleeps and the better she sleeps.  Tonight Em went down at about 7, fingers crossed she sleeps as well as she did last night, and wakes up as happy!


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