A crazy, hectic, fabulous weekend

I am beyond exhausted, but wow, we had a fabulous weekend!  It feels like it was a lot longer than just 2 days, we fit in so much!

Saturday morning Em had a great time at music class.  She really got into it and was dancing and singing.  She played all the instruments and even blew us all away with a bit of reading music!  (not the actual notes, more the symbol but still, it was so impressive!).  Then we headed up to visit friends in Monroe and again, Em had a blast – between the bubbles, the mini t-ball set, and the tricycles, she was in heaven!

Then we came home and Em helped me do some planting.  A friend gave us an entire pallet of begonias (which I have never grown), so Em and I put them in pots.  I am not ready to put them into the ground just yet (although I did plant 2) because of all the wildlife we have.   We have been in this house almost one year and in that time we have seen a skunk, tons and tons of deer, a turkey, a fox, about 2 million birds (most of whom eat at our bird feeder which we refill multiple times a week) and about 3 million squirrels and chipmunks.  So I want to let the flowers really root and take hold before I put them in danger of being eaten.  Plus, our front step only had the one bleeding heart plant and now looks great with so much more color!

And this morning we added a blueberry plant to the grouping!  that needs to go n the ground fast, but I need to find the perfect spot first.  Regardless, how awesome is it that my girly-girl likes to help me plant and play with dirt?

After all this, we decided to go out to dinner where Em blew away the people at the next table by eating some of my (fabulous!!) white pizza and salad (score!  she now eats lettuce dipped in dressing), a huge bowl of pasta with marinara sauce and some of D’s Caesar chicken sandwich.

Sunday meant a trip to Home Depot (which resulted in me fixing the drippy bathroom faucet and D replacing the hinge door stop in Em’s bathroom.  She was so funny, all day she kept saying, “Oh no, my bathroom broke!” (the hinge broke in half, not as bad as she made it seem).  Then after her nap we took her to her favorite farm.

We found the best bench for her afternoon snack, right by the sheep pen with a bunch of baby sheep and Em loved it (almost as much as she loved her grapes and carrots).


After the farm was play time, dinner time, bath time, story time and then (finally) bed time!

It was a crazy, filled, and hectic weekend but I loved every second of it, especially the weather.


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