Can you tell me how to get…

How to get to Sesame Street?

We have been on vacation this past week and for Em this highlight was a trip to Sesame Place, or as she knows it, Elmo’s House.   Em is still telling people that she went to Elmo’s house!

She went on a few rides.  They were… ok…  Em liked the carousel, but the other rides may have been a bit much for her.  Especially since she is too short to see out of them.  She seems unsure of things and clung on the rides most of the time.  The water ride kind of freaked her out.  She was WAY out of her comfort zone on the rides in general.

But she loved seeing the characters!  Sort of.  She was totally freaked out by Big Bird (who can blame her, he is freaken TALL!) and told Bert and Ernie that she wanted to see Elmo (they seemed resigned… I guess they are used to that).  She LOVED waving at Cookie from a distance, but was not happy to be close to him.  We did get a family picture though and while she was not happy, she seemed ok since D and I were there with her.

But then, the third time we saw Zoe, she waited patiently in line and then ran right up to her!

(it is kind of hard to see, but here she is pointing to Zoe and telling us that she sees Zoe)

Followed by a big hug!

And then Em told Zoe all about her day!

Since Zoe was finally a huge hit, we headed over to see the king himself – Elmo! Unfortunately they put all the other characters on the street, but Elmo is in front of a green screen so they can sell you a picture with a cool background.  I don’t have a cool background, and the lady didn’t take any pictures of Em with Elmo (no clue why, but oh well…), so here is what she has to remember meeting Elmo.

The bottom line is that Em had a great day.  I am still over the moon to have given her this experience.  She is still talking about going to Elmo’s house and meeting him and Zoe and whether she forgets about it next week, next month or next year, I love how blown away she still is!  And the day was perfect because it was empty there! I can’t imagine being there in the peak summer time with all the crowds and lines.  We had only one line but it was short and went fast.

The only problem is that now she is asking to go to Mickey’s house!


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