I love thunder!!

I have always loved huge rain storms – the kind where you can’t see between the drops.  Rain is so cozy, and now that we have the house, more rain just means greener grass and happier flowers (my lilac bush looks amazing!).  It is even great for all of our wooded areas.   I love rain.  We have taken Em out to play in the rain a few times, and once it gets a little warmer, we’ll do that more often!  Yesterday would have been a crazy day to play outside (and then take a bath!).  But yesterday during her dinner came the loud thunder and the lightening.  I am thinking cozy, she is thinking WTF (or the toddler version 🙂 ).

Em ran to me at top speed and jumped up into my arms and hid.  Ah, bliss, thanks thunder 🙂  Extra cuddle time is the best!  She would not let me out of her sight (or too far from her really) for the rest of the night, but that was the only really loud thunder boom.  After dinner/clean up, we went to stand by the open front door to watch the rain and talk about he thunder.  We then went up and sat on the window seat in our bedroom – always a  favorite place to play.  On the window seat are 2 baby dolls from when I was her age and she loves to visit them, and 2 from D’s childhood (including a beloved Cookie Monster!).  Plus I hung a collage frame of D and I with Disney Characters, so she loves that area a lot!  AND to make the window seat even better, Em claims to have seen a dinosaur once looking out that window!

But I digress, so anyway, we sat there, and visited the window seat friends and watched the rain and talked about thunder (thankfully we didn’t hear any, but we got ready for it).

Em: Mommy no more thunder (fairly insistent)

Mommy: Em, thunder is loud but it will never hurt you, I promise

Em: No mommy, don’t like it!

Mommy: Oh, it is ok, Emmy, I am here

Em: It is loud in my ears! (and covers her ears)

Mommy: but it is ok, because mommy is here (at which Em climbed into my lap to cuddle again)

(I love that, loud in my ears 🙂  )

So we talked about how mommy will never let anything hurt her and how she is safe in our house and when she is with mommy and daddy.  I told her that when she is scared of thunder she should run to mommy for a big hug.  And we practiced!  I called out “Thunder”!  And we did a huge hug.  Now, I say, ok Em let’s practice and she will call out “Thunder” and give me a huge hug.

I hope she is scared of thunder for the rest of her life – this is the best!


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