Used Car Shopping

D and I have been talking about car shopping lately.  The lease on our main car is up in a few months and we are not renewing, so it is time to look around.  The question is, how do we do it with Em?  He is a fan of taking turns test driving, I am more a fan of doing it one day while she is in school.  But today Em found a better way – her way to buy a car!

On our way to do the weekly grocery shopping, we stopped at a tag sale and Em fell in love with a car!  She literally walked over to it (and there were several to choose from) and picked out the one she wanted and pretty much drive it away.  It’s an idea…

Is it just me, or are her eyes even more gorgeous when she is driving?

Em is a great driver!  She loves opening and closing the door (and the little gas tank)


But she understands the importance of making sure your passenger (other baby in a diaper) is safe.


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