Two in one day!

Em and I had SUCH a great afternoon and I was so blown away by her dinner that I had to share!

After school we filled the bird feeder.

Ok, side bar.  You know how they say so and so eats like a bird?  I always thought that meant they didn’t eat much.  WRONG!  These birds empty our bird feeder multiple times a week.  So I feel safe saying Emily eats like a bird – or at least like the birds that eat at our dining room window.  More on that in a bit.

First we filled the bird feeder, then we played outside.


I am not sure why but I love this shot!  Maybe because her hair is so gorgeous?  After we wash her hair I have to use the blow dryer on it and she is great with this but last night she let me style it while I dried – FUN!  She kept saying, Mommy so pretty.

Em loves to see pictures of herself!  After I take a picture (or after I just focus the camera, or after I just raise the camera up), she runs over and says, “want to see picture!”.  She LOVED seeing the series of shots of us together.  I didn’t bother with the timer, since getting her to stay in one place is rarely an option, I just did the old extend hand and push button.

(but really, there are SO few shots of Em and I together that we need these!  Just ignore my hair please 🙂 )

After we went inside, Em was obviously tired and laid down just inside the front door.

But she was not too tired to eat!

While I was making her a hot dog (her first), Em snacked on 2 salmon pinwheels (with dill cream cheese, an impulse buy because I was in a sushi mood but wanted something to share with her and they are So good!).  OK, omega 3’s eaten, she moved onto the hot dog.  I put ketchup and mustard on her plate because she loves mustard (go figure) and cut up the hot dog.  I will admit to being worried about her eating hot dogs, given her love for dogs.  D has often asked when kids figure out that the chicken on the plate and the chicken on the farm are the same chicken…  So then where DO kids think hot dogs come from?  But luckily we did not go there tonight.  We did, however, establish a new rule.  Hot dogs ONLY go with ketchup, not mustard!  I found this out when she gave me a little piece and I dipped it in mustard.

So, dinner.

Em had the 2 salmon pinwheels.
a hot dog (minus the one little bite she gave me) with ketchup
2 bowls of dried fruit – 2 full bowls
2 or 3 (I can’t remember) more pinwheels, more omega 3!
dried carrots

most adults don’t eat that much in one sitting!


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