Happy Mother’s Day!

I just went back in the archives and realized that I have never done a Mother’s Day post.  Likely it is because every day is Mother’s Day.  Every day Em does something to melt me into a puddle of mommy bliss.  The other day, it was the word Goof.  I am not sure where she picked this one up, but we have used it, and enough people have called her a goof and it really fits!  She runs up to me and says “GOOF” and tries to run away – or rather, she runs as far as she can before she falls over from laughing so hard.

But anyway, Mother’s Day!  D is great at holidays and fabulous at making things special and Emily seems to be catching on to that.  YAY!  For me, Mother’s Day weekend is all about graduation.  So Saturday morning, D took Em down for breakfast while I showered and got ready to say good bye to my students (I am SO proud of them but I hate when my favorites leave, and yes, I do have favorites!).  When I came down, they had obviously been talking.  I snuck up behind Em and as soon as she saw me, instead of yelling MOMMY and hugging me, like she usually does (which I love!!), she ran away.  She came back with a red box tied with a box and kept saying “Mommy open open” and was so excited!  Inside was a gorgeous necklace – the pendant has Em’s birthstone on it and her name is engraved on one side, her birth date on the other.  I love it!

Sunday we went to the Mystic aquarium.  Heads up.  When you have membership to the little aquarium in your state that is 10 minutes away, don’t bother driving across the state to the bigger, cooler one.  Even if your daughter swears she is excited to see whales.  We had a fun trip but I am not sure Em had any more fun than if we had gone to our local aquarium.  D and I liked it though.  I loved seeing the new jelly fish exhibit (I love jelly fish!) and Em did love seeing the whales.  Every time they came up for air she would wave and introduce herself.  She talked nonstop about seeing penguins.  The walk to the penguins was great.  She and I held hands and looked at the water and the frogs (I am fairly sure she never saw the tadpoles swimming around, or the baby turtle).  But when we got to the penguin exhibit she really only cared about the ramp and loved running up and down it.

She also loved playing in Olde Mystic Village.

Here’s Em and I sitting on the bench in a gazebo where D proposed to me.

And here she is with D playing at the water pump that I was checking out while he was trying to propose (with the gazebo in the background)

And she also enjoyed talking to the ducks (here she is offering them crumbs from her dried pea pods)

and just for fun, here are some pictures from the past few weeks

We went to the beach to play, but it was So windy there that we gave up pretty fast.  It always amazes me that it can be so much colder and so much more windy just a few mile from the house.

And Em decide that sheet changing day was the best time to play on mommy and daddy’s bed.  I adore watching her cuddle her baby doll.  In this second picture, baby had a boo boo and Emmy was kissing it all better.  Then she cuddled baby for a bit and put her gently to bed.


Em’s smoothie obsession has continued.  Her current favorite is tangerine kiwi but I am still partial to watermelon mango personally.  But really I have not found a fruit combo yet that either of us doesn’t like!  And speaking of fruit, the strawberry obsession is continuing as well.



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