Words of wisedom

Remember the rules?  Emily sure does!

This morning, D was leaving for work.  After good bye hugs and kisses, I closed the door and said to Em, “Let’s go the window and wave”.  We do this all the time.  This is not new.  And she generally calls things out to him when he leaves.  “Fareful Daddy” (careful), or “Fareful on the stairs”, are common.  This morning, she called out, “No eating windows daddy!”.  Words to live by.  But then she added, “Daddy, no eating birdy food!”.   (I should note here that D rarely eats bird food and I have never seen him eat it directly out of the bird feeder).

And now the pictures!   Lots and lots and lots of pictures!  I was honestly shocked when I emptied out the camera. But it is finally nice out and Em absolutely adores playing outside!


Em is also playing outside at school and loving every second of it (so much so that it is almost impossible to get her to come home!)


But once I get her home, it is all good.  Why?  Because we play outside of course!


(this one is slightly under-exposed but So cute!)

And more fun on the slide



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