the rules

We have lots of important rules in our house and Em knows most of them.

When I open the oven, she says “hot” and backs up, sometimes she even blows in the direction of the over for me.  How do you convince a 2 year old that some stuff should be hot when she knows to blow hot food to cool it down?  By the way, this winter she blew on the heaters too.

Em knows, and recites often, “no hitting mommy”.  When she gets upset she hits, not hard, but enough that you know she wants something.  This morning I ignored it.  She was hitting me while I changed her diaper and put on her jeans and she was hitting away.  I was ignoring away.  So she hit harder and I ignored more.  When I finished I put her down and walked away, no words.  She got very upset and ran after me.  I told her that I don’t play with girls who hit me.  So said “sorry mommy” and hugged me!  How do you stay mad at that?  But the whole way to school she kept saying, no hitting mommy!”.  She knows the rules.

Other rules she knows:

No eating hair bows
No eating windows (hence the blog name – yes, this was an issue that we had to learn, my child is odd)
No eating the crib
No standing in the bathtub (given the chance she would run in there…)
Only flush once (Hello, my name is Emily and I am addicted to flushing)
Only one vitamin and not until after breakfast
Jumping on the bed is ok only if you hold mommy’s hand

And my on personal rule, which will make sense to anyone who has a toddler.  Once a day I get to use the bathroom all by myself.  And I enforce this rule just as strictly as all the others!  Why? Well, take yesterday morning for example.  Em now knows how to open and close doors all by herself.  and she can reach the light switch in the downstairs bathroom (it is really pretty low).  So yesterday morning, in the time it took me to use the bathroom (really, not long at all), Em opened and closed to the door and turned the lights on and off, until she found a combination she liked.  Door open, lights off. Whoops, let’s try another combination, later rinse repeat…


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