So much is happening!

that I have been too busy to update, so here are some highlights.

We had a nice weekend (this was over a week ago now, I told you I was behind on my updates!) and took Em to her favorite park to play – always a huge hit! But this time was the best yet because she was able to climb up and go down the slide all by herself!




She found D’s shoes which was loads of fun and is now addicted to my shoes (well, still addicted 🙂 )


She got her first band-aid worthy boo boo. Sadly (or I guess, predictably) band-aids are a big hit because of their magical powers of making everything feel better instantly. She even let me add a drop of ointment. That afternoon when I went to pick her up at school, she had removed her band-aid and was digging in the mulch with her hands. Clearly the band-aid worked.


Learned to drink from a cup


Ate a popsicle (HUGE hit!)

(this shot totally cracks me up!!)

Got her own watering can (and flooded out some of my flowers – oops)




And got a pseudo bathroom make-over. I stumbled across a fabulously cool idea for decorating a wall with paint chips and decided to give it a try. I only did the soffit in Em’s bathroom but the paint chips fit perfectly! I did not need to cut a single one for the entire soffit either.

This was the inspiration wall (well, staircase).  I LOVE it!  It is a staircase in a nursery that leads to an attic.

So I copied it.



Right now they are just up with painters tape. I wanted to make sure I liked it, and I do. It is such a fun thing for a kids bathroom!  And I wanted to make sure the fit is good, and it is. And I wanted to ability to move the cards before it is final. I went with a mix of 3 color cards and 4 color cards and I did them all upside down to have the darker color up top. Her bathroom is kind of small and I was worried that a darker color on the bottom might not work out great. So, the cards are upside down.  I will eventually use a low tack spray adhesive to really attach them, but not permanently attach them.  I still need 2 more to finish the entire area but so far I love it!  And best of all, Em loves it.  She keeps saying “Look, look what mommy do!”.


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