Dear Emily,
I LOVE LOVE LOVE our little conversations.  I love how they make total sense to us, but the rest of world would simply not get it.  It is like our own private, separate, little world that no one will even be able to infiltrate.  You know things that scare me.  The other day I was in the bathroom getting ready for work and you were playing.  I asked you where horsie was and you, without missing a beat said, “Horsie other room” and ran off to get him.  The fact that you knew that still astounds me.  I mean that is like a whole new world of spatial relations!  You were cognizant of the fact that there are multiple rooms and you know exactly what was in which room.  I can’t explain it right, but Em you blow me away!  And you do things like this every day.  Watching you learn and grow is the most amazing thing I have ever done.
So, clearly you understand what I say to you, but I also understand what you say to me (most of the time 🙂 ).  The other day we have a conversation about your teacher, C, who you think is sad.  We talked about why she might be sad and how to make her happy.  According to you, if we touch her eye she will be happy.
But one conversation upsets me and we do have it every so often.  Last night you had nightmares from about 4am to 5am.  At 5am we brought you into our bed but you were not having anything to do with sleeping!  You snuggled with us and laid quietly but you would not sleep.  So you and I talked a bit and I asked you if you had a bad dream and you said yes.  I asked if you dreamed about bears and you said no (in that laughing-Mommy-you-are-so-silly kind of way you have that I love.  I asked if you dreamed about dinosaurs, no, butterflies, no, baby, no, mommy, no, daddy no….  (yes i know these things are not particularly scarey but I am not about to ask her about scarey things!)
Once Daddy got up to shower, you gave up completely and we went into your room, got all cozy with your pink blanket and rocked and talked.  Em, I asked you if you had a bad dream and you said, yes.  i knew it, I could hear it in your cries 😦  After you said yes, you snuggled deep into my arms and put her head on my chest.
But here is what bothers me – you could not tell me what happened in your dream.  This is one of the few times that you simply can’t communicate something to me and Oh Em it upsets me so much!  Not because I want to know all your dreams, but because I can see that you are trying to figure out the words and they aren’t coming.
Emily my dream for you is that all your dreams are happy dreams and that all your dreams come true!  But in the meantime, let’s keep talking about anything and everything, because I love our talks!

And of course, some pictorial evidence of your cuteness 🙂

You now know how to put on your shoes!  You step into them and them we do the velcro for you.  You learned this by wearing my shoes.



(yes, that is my old cell phone in her hands, the one that I replaced because it does not hold a charge, and now the one that we cannot charge at all and have hidden and are praying that she forgets about!)

This morning you wanted piggy tales so badly!  With your new haircut I can’t get all the hair into the tales, hence the little piece in the back.  But as usual, after I put in the tales, you have so much fun in front of the mirror.  I think it might be time to put the mirror back up in your room  for you.



And now some video fun.

Oh Em, watching you walk around in my sneakers with one forward and one backwards was So funny!  You were pretty confused about the lack of buckles…

And in this video you were admiring your piggy tales.  A quick word of explanation – when you get a minor boo boo, we say “Shake shake” and you shake off the boo boo.  In this video when you (lightly) bonked your head on the mirror I was telling you to shake off the boo boo but it had the extra benefit of you shaking your tales and forgetting about that boo boo.

(at the end of the video, you got distracted by a duck, it happens…)


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