Updates I have forgotten to share!

Emily now drinks out of a THIRD straw sippy!  She used to stick to only 2 and would not go near any other – even the same brand same color.   We kept one upstairs and one downstairs and paniced wheneven one was missing.  But now, she drink from a third – same brand, DIFFERENT color!  This is a huge coup!   Out of fear for ruining thsi I have hidden the old downstairs sippy, which I know defeats the purpose, but, well, you know… 

Emily ate meat!  Not a lot, but willingly and happily!  I made pasta with a thick meat sauce for dinner and we each had 2 big servings – YUM! By the second helping, she was picking out the pasta and ignoring the meat, but still. Progress!  (and then she had a yogurt for dessert – wow, this kid eats!).  Last night she tried eggplant, squash, and sweet potato on her own accord!  I don;t harbor any illusions that we will be eating veggies any time soon, but I love that she is getting more adventurous with her food.  (AKA, I love that I figured out that I should offer new foods on the days that she does not eat her entire lunch 🙂 )

We have fun new phrases – "Try again" has been a big hit lately, as has "Teamwork", "O-kay", "See ya" and a few others that I am blanking on right now.  But the best one is "Uh Oh Skagetios!".  Does ti get better than this?

Emily now loves the hair dryer and asks for it after a bath.  Last night I got to style her gorgeous hair (see the pics in the next post (also from today) for evidence).

New songs that she sings include Where is Thumbkin, It’s Raining It’s Pouring, the alphabet (of course), BINGO, Happy Birthday, Clean up (our version, not Barney’s), and as of today – One Fine Face.  Again, I am sure I am forgetting the rest.

The things she knows scares me!  We pulled into the Whole Foods parking lot today to get the meat for dinner and she said, Mommy Fruit.  We generally stop there when we need fresh fruit.  She knows when the train tracks are coming.  She LOVES tunnels and knows when they are coming. 

She has 90% of her books memorized after a few readings and remembers the ones we have not read in ages – word for word. 

She loves to make funny faces with me and is suddenly obsessed with my teeth.

And still, after 25 months and 6 days, nothing and i do mean NOTHING is better than Emmy hugs!


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