See you soon Daddy!

Oh Daddy, mommy says you will be home tomorrow when I wake up and I am so excited!  I have missed you so so much, but mommy and I have had lots of fun.

Daddy, I have become addicted to wearing bibs – I love wearing bibs all the time now! I also like my mittens. They are not warm, so mommy would not let me wear them outside in the cold, but I like to wear them when I play.

IMG_8926   IMG_8930

Speaking of bibs, this is one of the bibs Tay-Tay gave me. I love these bibs even more than my favorite pink bibs!

(Yeah, Em has my coloring and D’s, and really cannot wear yellow, even a yellow bib!  Luckily the pink sweater sets it off enough, with just the white turtleneck she looked totally jaundiced!)

Daddy, last night I had 2 babies in my crib. We had a fun sleeping party! Then we played this morning too. I picked out my dress by myself – it is my birthday dress and I spent the morning singing Happy Birthday to Emmy.


Baby was sad but I gave her a hug to make her happy again


Then I played in my crib and that was so much fun!

IMG_8986   IMG_8990

Then we played downstairs some more. I watched the birdies at our bird feeder. Rosie and I were very quiet and the birdies ate the food.  I liked playing with my puzzle a lot.  I like it when the choo-cho noises play.

IMG_9001   IMG_9003

Daddy, I also had Mommy do some movies of me, so you can see me.

I found Mommy’s shoes, that was fun 🙂

And this video is from playing in my crib this morning.

(for the record, no little girls heads were hurt at ALL in the making of this video 🙂 )


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