Esther Rebecca

Happy Purim sweet girl!
Emily, I want you to know that your father and I put a lot of thought (debate, laughter, questions, etc) into your name – both in English and in Hebrew.  I actually knew your name was Emily Rebecca on November 1st, 2009, months before we met you and your Daddy proclaimed, wow, she really does look like an Emily 🙂  But we also put a lot of thought into your Hebrew name and went with Esther Rebecca.  In Hebrew, you are named for 2 matriarchs.  You come from a long line of strong women and I wanted to extend that to your religious lineage as well.
And in Purim we celebrate the strong and brave Queen Esther!
Purim started last night and we meant to make Hamantaschen to celebrate but someone the weekend got away from us and we never did. 

You did a ton of great eating though – lox, mango, hummus and tilapia were at the top of your list this weekend.  But now eating is gettig confusing, at least for me.  Last night at dinner you kept asking for apples.  "Apple mommy please, apple".  So we went to the fridge togetyher and I opened teh fruit drawer and you kept saying no, no apple mommy.  Finally you pointed to the apples you wanted – the jicima.  So now we are working on saying jicima, or something close to that.

OK, another, yet strangely related story…

D takes the train every morning and Em knows this.  Here is an example of a typical conversation:

Beth – Emmy, where is Daddy going?
Em – the choo choo
Beth – and what does the choo choo say?
Em (demonstrating with her arms) – choooo choooo
Beth – and where does Daddy go on the choo choo
Em – umm…. (it is beyond cute when she says Um and thinks!) ah, wa wa street
Beth – and what does he do there?
Em – umm… the work!

D has been working with her and asking her who he works with.  When I ask this, she usually says, "the choo choo".    They are working on her saying Monica.  It doesn’t happen when I ask, he sometimes gets better results.

So this morning Em and I were packing her lunch and she was chowing down in kiwi slices and went to the fridge and kept asking for something.  Long story short, she wanted the jicima again, only now she calls it Monica!


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