Yummy Tummy!

This morning I was cutting up a jicima into paper thin, long slices.  This jicima was perfectly ripe and tastes SO SO good!  So naturally, I offered Em some.  She took, took a bite said, "don’t like it" and gave it back.  So I ate it.
Peer pressure will get you every time!
After seeing me eat it, she wanted some too.
So we sat together on the floor with the box of jicima slices between us.  Em kept taking pieces, licking them and saying "Yummy Tummy" and then putting them back.  I think she licked about 25 pieces, occasionally feeding them to me (Yum), but most putting them back.
She just kept saying Yummy Tummy but never once took a bite!
But still, it is a start towards a new food πŸ™‚

Update – during dinner tonight Em kept asking for Mincinah (that is the best I can do on spelling…).  She ended up eating about 5 sticks!  Every bits was also yummy tummy, so cute!
For those of you with picky eaters, our trick was to dip a jicima stick into the cheese sauce of her corn and zucchini laced mac and cheese.  Em is a big fan of dipping πŸ™‚


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