Warning – unbearable cuteness inside!

When I was pregnant I had a lot of day dreams about my child.  And once I found out it was a girl, of course I day dreamed about her hair!  Today one of those fantasies came true.  I give you the unbearable cuteness of Emmy’s first day in pig tales!

IMG_8691    IMG_8694

But the best part may be that not only did she let me put them in, she let them STAY in! And when she pulled one out, she asked me to put it back. YAY! I was not permitted to add bows, but you can’t have everything… She stood (in my arms of course) on the counter in front of the mirror nodding and shaking her head to make them bounce and had SO much fun!

When I drop Em off at school she generally plays at the sensory table, but today she was all about “dot dot”, and “pen please mommy”. Why? Because my daughter, Emily Einstein, draws Ms and then calls them Ms!

IMG_8712    IMG_8715

Oh and yes, she does still use both hands.  Most kiddo don’t develop a set hand preference until about age 3.

But you can also see in those pictures her dedication to her art.  Emily LOVES art!  She spends a lot of time at her easel, loves painting (we have a 20×30 watercolor that she did on our living room wall and WOW it looks like modern art and even if Em was not the artist, it is So cool!).

So to celebrate Em’s love to drawing, D’s birthday, and our love of traveling, we took Emily to the Crayola Factory in Easton PA one weekend.  Two BIG thumbs up!  Emily LOVED it!  And it is so close!

We took Em first to the toddler area to get her bearings.  It has a reading nook, so we read some books, crazy mirrors and tone of cool things to play with.  I snagged some paper and crayons from the bigger kid/adult area and Em had a blast coloring, sitting at a table just her size.

Em showed her pretty picture to the weird mirrors.


We checked out about half of the crayon area, there was a puppet making area, lots of coloring books and papers, and then headed to the chalk area. This was brilliant! The floor was done in chalkboard paint!

IMG_8515   IMG_8522

Then we went into the modeling clay room, and we stayed there a long time! Em loved coloring the play dough and cutting it and rolling it and it was really cool! While she was playing Darren and I took turns in the bigger kid melted wax art area and we each made colored wax silly worms (which we forgot, oh well…). After that, and numerous trips trough a glass tunnel, we went up a flight of stairs and found the attached canal museum. This was an even bigger hit than the Crayola Factory!

It is hard to say who had the most fun on this trip.

D found a table of really cool blocks and drew an audience while making this tower.


Emily loved that room, the boat room. She found a working rudder/turntable and a mule to talk to, lots of neat boat related things to play with. But her favorite room was the train room!

IMG_8565    IMG_8567

We did skip the water room and we still had more than a full day!

Em also did great in the hotel room. We brought her toddler air mattress and she went down pretty quick, and at her normal time too! And soundly enough that D and I could watch TV and relax. It was weird at 3:30am when she called for me. We had left the bathroom light on, in case she woke up, so she could see that we were there. At 3:30, she called out and I started towards the air mattress and she was coming towards me. This does not happen when you put her in the crib. But we tucked her into our bed and she slept so soundly and comfy. I however, was stuck between exhaustion and my love of watching her sleep.

The next morning (or later that morning), Em went swimming and after some initial trepidation over the water, had a blast!


But wait! There is more! (clearly I need to update this blog more often to avoid these huge posts….)

Emily is the proud owner of NEW SHOES! Her little feet have finally grown enough to fit into real shoes! Stride Rite had 2 pairs in size 4.5 and she picked the cute ones (whew, because the other pair was not cute, a weird lurid purple…)


She loves them! She keeps saying “Mommy new shoes pink!”. She has been in boy shoes for so long, courtesy of one of her classmates, and loves these new ones! They make her run faster, jump higher, and laugh louder. The first day we got them she broke them in by jumping into a puddle.

But finally the weather is nice enough that we play outside after school. Every day we still walk across the street to the water fall and then we pay in the yard. Monday Em was all about sweeping.

Here she was challenging the garden rooster thing that the old owners left behind to some sort of dual.


but they stayed friends in the end


Here Em is distracted by a bird. She is all about the birds and they finally found our window bird feeder which is fun!



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