The best part of my day

Yesterday was a normal day, drop Em at school (after lots of cuddles and kisses), go to work, teach, meet with students, write, work, etc…  I picked her up a bit later than normal, around 4:00 and we headed home.  After we parked the car (inside mommy), got the mail (mail mommy), and brought some things inside the house, Em and I did our daily trip across the street (hand mommy) to see the waterfall (AKA the Mississippi River – wow this water is flowing!  Don’t worry though, not a flood threat at all).  Em loves this daily trip and talks about it the whole way home from day care.  As soon as we get in the car she requests a song (yesterday was Baa Baa Black Sheep), and then says "Want to see water mommy".  If it is not too cold, we go.  How do you say no when the the water fall is right across the street?  So as I was standing there, hand in hand with my baby girl, listening to the water and the birds and seeing the woods (which are gorgeous in any season, even pre-mud season), I kept thinking, wow, this is just the best part of my day.

Then we went home and played a bit in the driveway/front yard.  There was a robin (YAY!  spring is coming!) playing on the lawn, so I ran in and got bread.  Em loved throwing the bread pieces for the birds (Birds, are you? we have food for you!)  (Em doesn’t say "where" yet 🙂 ).  We pointed out the window bird feeder and the bread but those birds refuse to eat for us!  So we sang a song and danced on the lawn until it was time to go home.  Standing on the front lawn surrounded by the bread pieces she threw (some of which are still there, you are welcome squirrels) dancing with my baby girl, I kept thinking, wow, THIS is the best part of my day.

Then we went inside and read some books and played with some toys and tickled and giggled.  Em hid behind me and jumped out laughing hysterically when I feigned shock and surprise.  We looked out the window at the robin who was playing on the lawn but not eating the bread, despite Em’s reminder that it was for them.  And every few mintes she woudl turn and hug me or put her cheek on mine and come on – THAT was the best part of my day!

After dinner (she scarfed down 3 helpings!), and bath time, we read stories.  Em loves story time.  I sit cross legged (remember when we called it Indian Style?) and she sits on my lap.  I love reading stories and smelling her hair and feeling her head lean back against my chest.  I love how she reads along and already knows when we miss a page.  When she stops reading along, it is bed time and then she says "mommy, ONE book, ONE" with huge emphasis on the one.  We read one more and start our bedtime routine.  Last night we turned on the music box early, grabbed a blanket and Em snuggled in my arms in the rocker.  It was So sweet!  I started singing along to the music box – Twinkle Twinkle and Em joined in!  There I was, rocking in the world’s most comfortable chair with my feet on the ottoman (also rocking, mmmmmm), with my little baby girl in my arms with her favorite blanket, and we are singing together. And THAT was the best part of my day! 


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