A fabulous 2nd birthday party!

Well, we now have a 2 year old.  Everyone has warned us about the “Terrible 2s”, but so far 2 is SO SO SO much fun!  Emily is the happiest, silliest, cuddliest kiddo ever and I love it!

So without further ado, here are a TON of birthday pictures!

Since it is a pretty special thing, to turn 2, Em wore a dress that her daddy picked out for her about  a year ago.  It is size 12 months, and hemmed and just now fits!  Oh my tiny peanut 🙂  I paired it with a pink turtleneck and it looks so cute on her!

IMG_8293 IMG_8294 IMG_8297

The next day she also wore a shirt from last year. This shirt was a birthday gift from Aunt Cary last year and is still big, but looked so cute with the dark pink shirt under it.


(this picture is simple evidence that rather than the “Terrible 2s”, we have entered the “Silly 2’s”)

Thanks for the mailbox Aunt Lisa, Emily adores it!


(in the above 2 shots we were in the sunroom and that room gets totally flooded with light. I am still working on camera settings, so please excuse the odd lighting effects…)

Party time!
We had the cake covered, but my contribution was about 60 of these cake pops – cake mixed with icing, dipped in colors white chocolate and OMG they are SO good!!


For her birthday I cold not help it, Em got a new outfit.


She was not feeling the pictures though, there was too much to do to sit still for pictures! I am hoping on of our friends got an amazing birthday girl shot for me.

The fabulous, and OMG so good, cake, courtesy of Aunt Toni and Uncle John, the worlds best baking team (well, he cheers her on, but is still an active part of the team).


I have tons of shots of Em playing with her friends at the party, but I will just leave you with this one – Em (minus the tutu skirt) with her 2 bestest friends right before they left for the evening.  A quick shot out – not only are her friends, the best, but so are their parents.  They all stayed for about an hour after the party and the parents entertained Em so D and I could do some quick cleaning.  Thanks guys, that was a HUGE help!


Everyone slept well that night! This was the second “big toddler bash” D and I have thrown (the first being our Halloween party) and you know, if I do say so myself, we through awesome toddler parties!  It was crazy though – with about 15 toddlers running around – and I do mean running – at top speed.  But they all had So much fun, so it was worth it.  I didn’t get a chance to talk to all the adults who were there, but it is ok, I am sure they understand – the party was all about Em and her friends after all.  And now I can’t wait for her 3rd birthday bash!


One thought on “A fabulous 2nd birthday party!

  1. Happy Birthday, Em!
    I just can’t conceive of wearing clothes a year younger in size. Sarah’s been a full year ahead on her sizing since she was a year old.

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