I must be doing something right

… either that, or Emily is a master manipulator.  Which, frankly, I would believe.

The past 2 days have been SO hard!  1:00 yesterday through today was just Em and I in the house (which is suddenly very small), and no naps.  Not even a little tiny nap.  Oh I tried.  Trust me I tried, but the hysterics that resulted were stronger than my will.  She is good.  Sigh.
So today, from the crack of 5am until she crashed at 6pm, it was just Em and I and wow, what a long day.  She would not go anywhere without me carrying her.  She was beyond clingy.  She was beyond tired and refused to nap.  And we were stuck inside which made it all worse.  A trip to a park or even a walk outside would have helped So much. 
So at the end of our very long day, Em ate dinner (and wow, I do mean ate – a LOT) and a little after 5 said, "ok mama jammies, mama jammies" and she ran to the stairs.  Then she ran back and said, "mama, baby, baby", grabbed baby and baby’s blanket and ran to the stairs.  At the bottom step, she gave baby and the blanket to me and started up.
But get this.
At the top of the stairs she took, baby, wrapped in the blanket, put baby on her shoulder, patted her back gently, and said "shhhh shhhh".
Apparently baby was sad.
And Emily was there to comfort her the exact same way I comfort Em.  She even put her cheek on baby’s head the way I do.  OMG I cannot tell you how much that melted my heart!

My sweet little baby, in one move, made up for the hellish day.

And then it got better!

I took off Em’s clothes and she put them, one by one, into the hamper.  She loves this and it is so cute to watch.  She picked out pajamas and a sleep sack, and a sleep sack for baby and we started to put on her pajamas.  I took off her diaper and she wanted to put the new one on.  No problem, we do this a lot, so I went to put the dirty one in the hall to go downstairs and then I went into Em;s bathroom to get water for her humidifier.  And suddenly a tiny, adorable, very naked baby flew by me.  She literally went the length of the house in the blink of an eye.  She reached the far end, turned back to see me and started laughing hysterically.  (Ironically much like the hysterical crying that resulted from me trying to get her to nap, but so much better!).

Where was all this during the day from hell?
And then after a few books and some snuggles, Em went down at 6pm without a peep.
A fabulous way to end a very hard day!


One thought on “I must be doing something right

  1. awwww! It sounds like someone is almost two and has realized she has a mind of her own! I’m sorry your day was rough. I have days like that too. Nap time is so important for all of us, especially when they are cranky without it! I find I really need that afternoon break as well!

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