it snowed… again….

So, as of yesterday morning we were 3 feet ABOVE the normal snow level.  And then it snowed yesterday.  We got about 12-14 inches, so it was a relatively minor storm, well, comparably…  I am so tired of the snow.  Em is such a trooper, but I know she misses playing outside.  Long, extended, out in the sunshine with toys type playing, as opposed to cold, windy, stuffed into 7 thousand layers playing.

Before we get to pictures I want to share a cool snow story.  When we were kids, my mom used to sing a snow song to us, whenever it snowed.  Emily was due March 1, but 9thankfully) came early, which not only allowed her to meet Aunt Elyssa before she moved to North Carolina, but also allowed us to get home with her before the massive March 1 storm.  Starting with that storm, we have sung the snow song to Em every morning that we wake up to snow.  So basically a few times last year and about a dozen (or a thousand) times this year.  But we only sing it in the morning and only once or twice.  But the other day, we went to look out the window at the snow and Emily starting to sing the song!  So cute!  I don;t know if my grandmother sang this to my mom, but regardless there are at least 3 generations singing this song!

Anyway, today, after an interesting shoveling experience, in which I practically threw myself in front of a passing snow plow to beg for mercy (thanks again to the greatest plow guys ever who miraculously found places to actually PUT the snow from our driveway!), we took Em out to play.

It took her a bit to warm up, but having a totally cleared driveway helped.  She doesn’t seem to like sinking into the snow much.  But I love this picture!  I love how it really has only 3 colors, white, pink and those incredible blue eyes.


But you really need to understand just how high the snow is!


and one more shot, so you truly understand the amount of snow we are talking about


And now, just because, here are some fun random shots…

A few weeks ago Em had a play date with her very best friend K and I got an amazing shot of them on the stairs holding hands. So I framed one for each girl and had fun with 3-d stickers. Em picked out the stickers for K’s frame personally.  (K’s on the left, Em’s on the right)

IMG_7818  IMG_7820

And some random pics that I like.
Now come on, that picture on the right – OMG she is all me there!

IMG_7594   IMG_7773


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