Well, apparently it has been a while since I last posted, or rather, since I last offered a post that was open to the public – sorry!

So much has happened and I am too tired to process it all and write intelligently on it, so I will instead give you one story that all the Delaware people out there will get a kick out of.

Emily has a baby doll that she adores!  But sadly, the baby doll is dressed, well, oddly.  So, in an effort to rectify this, Em and I went down to the basement to check out the doll clothes that I had boxed up.  Yes, I have doll clothes in a box.  Most of them my grandmother made for my dolls, and I can’t wait for Em to use them!  Sadly all the doll clothes I have are about Cabbage Patch doll size, and this doll is smaller.  Oh well, I tried.  But, when the box was open, Em saw my stuffed You Dee (UD) mascot. and grabbed him and hugged him and they have been best friends ever since!


Em adores him!
So, naturally, I tried to teach her his name You Dee.
Em, however, calls him Doo-Dee.
Do you think they will retract my diploma for this?


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