I assume this means she is better and not worse, right?

Em’s fever has stayed down!
We had a follow up visit to her pediatrician today and she was thrilled with Em’s progress.  She still has pneumonia and the ear infection, but the infection is healing fast, thanks to those 2 mega shots of antibiotic yesterday.  Please cross your fingers that Em’s fever stays down through the 2 feet of snow we are getting tomorrow!
But here is the issue.  Em got better – SO much better and OMG it is so great to see!  But she is not herself.  Nope.  Em got better and became – gasp – a 2 year old!  I have heard about this and feared it.  I know it is completely healthy and expected but wow, did she have to turn 2 right before a major blizzard?
The proof that Emily is now 2 – she ate dinner in the play room at her little table.  No problem there.
Standing up.
sigh, ok…
and running in circles and playing between every bite.
Yeah, not the dining etiquette we were hoping to cultivate.
BUT, she ate a ton of food that way, so who am I to complain?  And I have heard that 2 years olds are notorious for not stopping or staying in one place, so I guess by that logic, she is right on track!  But I do miss my little baby sitting at the table for dinner.
Regardless if I had the choice between Emily yesterday and Emily the whirlwind tornado with a cyclone thrown in – hands down, I pick the crazed maniac tornado!


One thought on “I assume this means she is better and not worse, right?

  1. So glad she’s doing better!! Something crazy must be going around. One of my friend’s kids got pneumonia, too, but he’s 11 so it isn’t quite so nerve-wracking.

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