Always trust mommy instinct!

OK, happy new year.  yadda yadda yadda.
Have I mentioned here that Em has been coughing since the day after I stopped nursing?  (yes, too lazy to go back and check).
It is no secret that I loved nursing, but I also loved the health benefits for both of us.  Em has had a few colds in her 21 months of nursing and one case of croup (not bad, really, a very mild one).  Then we hit month 22 and stopped nursing.  And Em started coughing.  and coughing.  and coughing.
(and if you were here right now, you would hear that up in her crib, she is coughing).
So I took her to the pediatrician.  Not our doctor, the walk in, but i liked her a lot!  The verdict.  As everyone told me, it is really just a cough – not a huge deal, mostly weather related.  Keep the humidifier going (it has like a rain forest in her room for months now!), and maybe try some benadryl.  And for a few days it seemed a little better.
Until the past few nights and the fever.  Not a big one – 100.2, then then next night, 101.6.  Still not a huge deal.  Motrin, water, cuddles…  but the thing is, through all of this, she seems fine.  Like you would never know anything was wrong.  But then, last night, when the thermometer hit 101.6, my mommy warning bells went off.  I told D that we were taking her to the walk in pedi this morning.  But Em slept well and woke up happy.  This morning she was running laps around her crib and laughing hysterically.  You would seriously never ever know this kid is sick!  and D even suggested we wait and see her pediatrician on Monday.  But those damn mommy bells…
ALWAYS trust the mommy instinct!
An ear infection and possible pneumonia.
They didn’t do any tests to prove it is pneumonia (but the doctor was pretty sure it is), because if it is, she needs an antibiotic and she needs one regardless for the ear infection.
Let’s just back up one second.  Em has NEVER had an ear infection (and this one is actually suspect to be honest).  Everyone said I would know when she had one.  I had no clue!  The biggest 2 signs are pulling on the ear, a lot – nope, and not wanting to lay down (the fluid gets worse when you lay down) – nope.
sigh  (at least I know that it relly hit the day before, it is not like Em was suffering in silence for this entire time!)
So, while we waited for the nurse to run a pulse oxygen, D and Em and I hung out down the hall from our room in the library (how cool is it that our pediatrician’s office has a library with chairs, sofas, books, etc…).  And light a ray of light, who should walk by?  Em;s pediatrician!!  You guys, it was like the heavens opened up!
First, she reassured me that no, this was not because I stopped nursing (oh come on, if you know me at all, you know that is where my brain went!).  Then she listened to Em’s lungs and looked in her ears – right there in the library!  Then she conferred with the pediatrician treating Em (the one on call).  Right there in front of us.  I love this woman!   She spent a long time with us and I am not sure she was even working that day!  We talked through the antibiotic and how impossible it is to give Em Tylenol or Motrin.  They gave me tips and I tried it but it took 4 of us (me, D, the doctor and the nurse) holding Em down to get the Tylenol in.
And Em seemed fine all day.  It was still hell to get the antibiotic (oh another reason to love this place – a 5 day antibiotic, only 5 days of hell) in and I am not convinced any of it actually stayed in.
But can you imagine if I ignored those mommy bells?  At least not if she has an ear infection (our pediatrician wasn’t sure she saw it), and if it is pneumonia (they are both pretty sure it is),  it is getting treated sooner, before it gets worse or bad.
The game plan – antibiotics today and Monday, call the doctor Tuesday with an update.  if she is better, we’ll go in Thursday, if not, Tuesday.

My poor little baby girl.
Pneumonia and an ear infection.
At the same time!

But she is still so happy and too cute!
So here are some pictures from the new year.

Em played a lot with Elmo (yes! we replaced him – YAY!) and Cookie.

She tried to put on her boots herself. (yes, that dress is from last winter and still fits!)

She just looked cute (oh if only she was smiling in this shot!!)

At the mommy group holiday party, Em’s secret Santa gave her a big box of play food and an apron/over mitts/chef’s hat set – in polka dots! Too cute!  You have to love the polka dots hat with the polka dots dress!

One of the many group shots (this shot is missing a few kiddos but still cute)

Back at home, she taught Elmo about the potty

after covering her face with pasta sauce

(oh but do you notice anything different?  Em got a hair cut!  The cutest little girl bob ever!  It is messy in this shot, but beyond cute!  Except now she looks like a big girl, not my little baby girl – the one who I nursed and who didn’t get sick.  But I promised D I would not let my brain go back there…)

And it snowed. Again.

All this snow is getting annoying but check out the woods on the side of our house

And the woods out back were just as amazing! This was the prettiest storm I have ever seen!
Stay tuned, in 2 days we get another storm.


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