RIP Elmo – we miss you!

We have a new game!  We pretend to be airplanes, as demonstrated here.  This flight includes Elmo and I am including this as the last time Em played with Elmo. Sadly, Elmo has literally vanished into thin air. I clearly remember her putting him down by the door to put on her mittens and we never saw him again. So if anyone out there has a location on an Elmo teether, give us a shout – we need to replace this guy and I want to find him in a real store, not online, if I can.


But luckily Emily has not noticed that Elmo has vanished (at least not yet). And if she has, she hides it really well!


We took Em into the city on Christmas day, where Em saw and fell in love with 3 (live) camels. OK, she adores camels, who knew?  Since I didn’t take a picture of her with the camels, here is a family shot from the tree, which she pronounced, “nice”.


And then, on the corner, we saw Elmo! (no, not our Elmo, and I am fairly certain this Elmo is not quite right, but we did a picture for Em anyway.)


We celebrated Boxing Day with an attack of the sillies!


and a major snow storm! Here Em is showing Baby all the snow.


This was from Sunday at about 4:30 and I had the camera on the wrong setting, that is why these are all so dark, but we bundled Em up in her snow pants, boots, hat, fleece lined coat and mittens and took her out for a little bit. There was only a few inches, so it seemed like a benign intro to snow.


Monday we played inside most of the day.  Em put all her markers in a basket, which she hung on her arm.



The basket is also a great place for puppy to rest.

Oh, check out one of the windows in Emily’s bedroom – that is snow on the roof line there!


And now, the house!

(photo by D before he went to work on the driveway, and kudos to him, he did a great job on both the driveway and the picture!)

This used to be 2 sets of steps and a walkway…


But who needs steps when you have this?


edited to add – Elmo has been located and is happily sleeping with Em right now, whew!


2 thoughts on “RIP Elmo – we miss you!

  1. I know, she Is cute, but I am totally biased 🙂
    And now she totally looks like a big girl with her brand new HAIR CUT! Ak, my baby girl got her first hair cut and is obscenely cute! No more baby mullet! When D got home from work today she said she looks So much older 😦

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