Move over Gus Frerotte, there is a new head banger in town!

Those of you familiar with the Redskins (or really, those of you familiar with football at all), know the story of Gus Frerott.He scores a 1 (whole) yard touchdown run and to celebrate, banged his head into a "padded" wall.  a slightly padded cement wall.  He sprained his neck, left the game and became one of the greatest jokes in football history.

So how does this relate to Emily?  Well, like al toddlers, she has her obsessions, and one of her obsessions are "boo boos".  AKA frozen teething rings.  She loves them for gnawing during teething, but the minute she gets even the slightest hurt, she needs one.  It is really cute to see her place a frozen teething butterfly on her "sore" finger that accidentally brushed against the floor.  I mean, this is one brave girl!  That finger nearly needed amputation!  (sigh).  SO I decided to nip this in the bud. I taught her this morning that when we get boo boos (the hurt kind, not the frozen kind), we shake them off.  So she "hurt" her hand and we shook it off.  Success.  She caught on brilliantly!  Clearly, my child is a genius!  I need to teach her calculus immediately.


So this evening, Em was playing upstairs and I was straightening up.  We keep some of her toys in the master bath, so I can shower after D leaves for work and Em can play.  Also, D enjoys walking into the bathroom, accidentally kicking her fisher price fishbowl, and hearing the fish sing at all hours 🙂  Fun for everyone!  As I am straightening up the toys, Em comes in the bathroom to investigate.  She turned a bit fast and hit (slightly bumped) her head on the tiled wall between the toilet and the shower.  it is ok, shake it off.  She did and all was well.  More proof that she is a genius.

Remember Gus?

Em then turned again and (what are the odds?) hit her head again.  She shook it off, and I began to question if maybe calculus might be a bit much for her.

It freaken turned into the best game ever!!

Hit head on tiled wall  (not even remotely padded, at least Gus had that going for him!)
Shake it off.
Laugh hysterically.
Hit head on wall
shake it off
laugh hysteically
hit head on wall

At least Gus only did it once!
But Emily had more fun.
And I was torn between trying not to laugh, and wondering if I should stop her of video tape it.
In the end, she lost interest and we hugged.

Oh, but D, the fish bowl is still on, fair warning!


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