Happy Birthday!

Dear Emily,
You are so your father’s daughter little girl!  he has always had a way of making holidays and especially birthdays, special.  One year for my birthday he surprised me with a trip to the Bahamas and didn’t tell me where we were going until we were checked into the airport!  That was amazing!  The year I was pregnant, he took me to Stonehenge for dinner and OMG, Emily, that was the best butternut squash scallop risotto on the planet!  Seriously, you name was nearly Butternut Squash Risotto.  It was that good.
Your daddy is not home from work yet, so I don’t know if ha has any birthday surprised up his sleeve.  But my students did!  Today was my last final of the semester and they sang to me and bombarded me with poppers and confetti and silly string.  (there is still silly string stuck to my briefcase 🙂 ).  And then your class sang to me and you gave me a card that you made all by yourself!  I love it!  But tonight you did 2 things that both broke my heart and filled me with so much love for you!
Tomorrow at about 4:30 it will be exactly 2 weeks since we stopped nursing and I still miss it SO much!  That first week was really hard on both of us, but we both got through it and we are both holding strong.  But tonight for the first time in about a week you asked for it again.  Oh Em, it broke my heart to distract you and say no, but at the same time, thank you SO SO much for still wanting it.  I think it would hurt more if you completely lost interest (even though that is probably what you are supposed to do). 
And then we sat in the rocker together to get ready for bed.  Oh Em, was this a birthday present?  You cuddled against my chest and got all comfy cozy with your phone in one hand and your Yankee bear blanket in the other hand and we rocked and cuddled for about 20 minutes.  It was beyond sweet little girl.  I loved holding you in my arms and rocking and thinking that chances are really bad that we will do this on my next birthday, but oh it was SO nice!
Thanks for a fabulous birthday little girl!


4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday!

  1. Happy Birthday, Momma!!! Sounds like a wonderful day full of blessings!! 🙂
    Way to go Darren on the trip to the Bahamas! I’m envious…though we could never afford anything like that. Even so, the surprise and planning is worth more than the actual trip, and J’s never surprised me with anything that big!

  2. Happy birthday! And chances are you will be able to snuggle her again on your birthday next year…maybe not 20 minutes, but they are still snuggle-able for a while 🙂

  3. LOl apparently there was a fabulous package deal special thing. He said that the day it appeared in the times he saw a lot of folded up travel sections on co-workers desks 🙂

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