Only in your dreams

ANYONE could have predicted this one!
Emily has been a early riser since day 1.  Probably because I have always been an early riser and was throughout my pregnancy.  She simply does not sleep in, but since she goes to bed so early (generally 6:30), she gets all her sleep.  So we roll with the punches…
Until last night.
As we were getting ready for bed, D mentioned that we have not needed an alarm clock since Em, because she gets us up so early.  And I mentioned that I have an 8am final this morning so I need to get up at 5 to shower.
Cut to this morning, D waking me up saying, It is 5:30.  Nope, it was 5:40!  He jumped in the shower, I got dressed, we both got ready for work and on cue, Em woke up.
So here is the question – did she sleep in because we pretty much dared her to by not (ever) setting an alarm, or did she sleep in just to point out the irony of D’s comment last night.

But enough of that – it is time for pictures!
Emily loves sitting at her table, whether it is for real food (mostly snacks) or pretend food.  She has her seat – and of course it is pink.  Emily always sits in the same chair.  So do Elmo and Bear.  Sometimes Elephant takes the 4th chair and sometimes I do.



and yesterday morning she had a fit of the “sillies”


After we were all done being silly yesterday Emily got to experience the wonders of a light snowfall.


and then it snowed in her school! Which is to say that the teachers filled the sensory table with shredded paper, and I put her in fleece. Bad combo, but adorably cute and fun.


And yes, I found pieces of paper in her fleece when I got her home yesterday evening too!

That fleece was one of Emily’s Hanukkah presents and I got D a matching one.  So far they have not worn them on the same day, but we are working on it.  D got Emily the elephant featured in the tea party shot above.  This elephant is cool – you hide it and then press a button on a wand and it makes elephant sounds until you find it.  But Emily plays it differently.  She finds it, hugs it and then hands it off for us to hide again.  But she follows us, so as soon as we put it down, she says, “there it is!” and hands it to us to hide.  Yep, the making of an awesome detective here!


2 thoughts on “Only in your dreams

  1. We used to use Sarah the same way. Regular as clockwork she’d wake up at 7AM. (Ok, I’ve got a short commute, I don’t have to get up early.) And then one day she slept in until 8, and it’s been back to alarms for us ever since.

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