A doggy!

To this day if you ask Em about Thanksgiving or about his trip to visit grandma and pop-pop*, she will tell you about the doggy.  She LOVED their doggy so much!

Em’s trip in pictures:

playing ball in the backyard:


Bringing the ball up on the deck to throw it down and chase it – great fun.


And then playing a bit of soccer


OK, Doggy, it is your turn to play with the ball


“Hey, when is this kid going home?” (Sadly, not all dogs want to play with toddlers 24-7)


Wait, Doggy I am over here, want to play?


Or we can go inside and warm up a bit!


And watch a little bit of a parade (or was it a football game?) with pop-pop


Happy Thanksgiving! Hi doggy, want to play?


I absolutely ADORE Em’s Thanksgiving outfit. Unfortunately, she absolutely adored the bib she found in the diaper bag. So I don’t have any great shots of that outfit, but I did take some shots of her hanging out in the dining room.



(no, that is not a foot on the table, Em knows feet do not belong on the table!)


And because it is cute, here is Em yesterday morning on her way to school. Her pink fleece jacket in all the wintery shots you have seen so far zips into this jacket. I am saving that combo pack for when it gets really cold and have started putting her in the outer liner.


and my tip for moms – I clip her mitten clips to the sleeve of her jacket, not to the cuff. When I clipped them to the cuff, they dangled SO far down, now they basically hang right by her hands.

* Yeah, one day we were looking at pictures on the digital picture frame and up came a picture of my father holding Em and she said Pop-Pop.  he has been pop-pop even since.  I have absolutely no clue where that came from!


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