Happy 2nd Thanksgiving Emily!

On Thanksgiving Emily turned 21 months old.  21 months.  That is a lot of months.  And in case you are curious, it means she is 639 days old.  That is a LOT of days!  And for the most port they have been amazing days.  Fabulous, crazy, insane, funny, tiring, EXHAUSTING, but amazing days.

So what am I thankful for this year?

I was just reading over my Thanksgiving post from last year (and the next post has last year’s Thanksgiving pictures) and even though SO much has changed, really not much has changed.

I am still SO grateful for D.  Honey, your love means more to me that anything.  I still marvel at how much I love you and seeing you play with and especially comfort our baby girl just makes me love you so much more.  I love seeing Emily’s face when she sees you.  I love when she calls out DADDY!! and runs to you.  Thanks for being the most amazing father ever!

I am still so grateful for Em’s laugh.  This year we spent Thanksgiving at my parents house in Maryland (oh, I am also SO thankful that Em sang to herself and then slept until exit 3 in Jersey – SCORE!).   Em loves being with my parents and especially the dog so much.  She clearly adores her pop-pop (no clue where that came from, she saw a picture of him and said pop-pop).  Their basement is fairly empty, warm and carpeted, so Em and I spent a lot of time down there chasing each other in circles.  I wish I could have played with her and recorded that laugh.  She was laughing so hard that I think at one point she had to work to catch her breath.  And even better was when she would fall down.  Are kids supposed to love falling down that much?  Emily, I will always be grateful for your laugh.

I am thankful for the fact that while we are still nursing, we have weaned down to nursing only before naps/bedtime.  There are no words to describe how amazing it is to nurse a baby and I am thankful that she and I were able to continue nursing this long (for 21 months or 639 days).  There has not been a day in her little life without nursing.  Wow.  Just wow.  Thanks Em!!  (and kudos to me too!!)

I am thankful for little girl hugs. Those are simply the best.  I can’t describe how great they feel.  And I am thankful for big family hugs because they crack Em up so much!

On a really really minor note, I am also thankful that D finally agreed that she had enough hair for hair bows!  Em loves picking out her own hair bow and her hair bow holder is really full!

But mostly I am thankful for the ability to be Emily’s mommy.  I look at her and I am constantly amazed that I made this wonderful, funny, silly, happy little girl.  Yes, D contributed some of the raw materials, but still claim credit for creation 🙂  I have done some pretty amazing things, but this one tops them all.

Happy second Thanksgiving Emily – I am just so thankful for you!


3 thoughts on “Happy 2nd Thanksgiving Emily!

  1. I know! We need some serious advanced planning. On the way down I was thinking about how I only saw Jamie once when he was about a week old and I still have never even seen pictures of Lizzie! Give the A family a big hug from me!

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